an indepth interview with myself (or a total load of crap)
NAME     tara or pea (depends on how long youve known me)
AGE   28 
STAR SIGN     sagitarrius - happy as long as i am unrestricted
LOCATION   auckland, new zealand
JOB     sys admin and project resource, mainly mcommerce and messaging services and a bit of web work too
HOBBIES   mountain biking, rollerblading, boxing, working on the sound system for the vehicle, lots and lots and lots of music



      ex boyfriends who never grow up (or out, or longer) !  this is something that i have been wanting to get off my chest since i saw him for the first time in 3 years.  i guess the hassle of liking em young is that they will always seem immature.   not always thank goodness, every now and then you get a good one.  the thing that gets me most about my ex(s) is that most of them repulse me now (what the hell was I thinking?)  in considering this - here are some things that i really wish i had said to him :
- i've smoked fatter joints than that
- why dont we just cuddle
- will it squeak if I squeeze it ?
- can I be honest with you ? (yes at times even pea holds her tongue)
- why dont we skip straight to the cigarettes
- are you cold ?
- if you get me drunk first ... (thats just an invitation really aint it ?)

  people (mainly men) who honk their horns at me while i am putting on my makeup in the car in the morning.  i'm a jafa damnit, i can put mascara on in 70 kph rush hour traffic !
    popcorn !! what better than snack food that you can turn into a fad diet; thank you madonna.

  disney movies, family guy, the jetsons and the power puff girls, all excellent forms of entertainment
  but at the end of it all, its about family ...
  i was bought up in the wairarapa - a smallish town called masterton - all except a year or so when we lived in wairoa and then dannevirke.  i've got 2 younger twin brothers who live in wellington, mom lives in whangarei and dad and pam have just moved to the hawkes bay.  
  mummy is very very successful and i am so proud of her.  shes in radio, a general manager nonetheless, but also like the wolf on pulp fiction, shes the cleaner that you call in to mop up the shit and put the shine back on it.
  dads given up the job he had for years and taken on something with no responsibility - i wish i could do that!  still its about time.
  james (jazel) is finishing his masters in theatre and film at victoria university and iain (ewi) is already a senior teacher.  its crazy watching some siblings with each other, always arguing and baiting each other and shit.  me and my bros cant stop yabbering and hugging each other and when the beer flows, so do the songs.  
  my family make it easy to love them.  i wouldnt be where i am without them and all their support (and the shit they give me as well).  
  when mom moved to whangarei, i got all the photos to sort out.  there are some crazy ones in there and so i've been sorting them (throwing away the ones of people i dont know and the ones of people that are really ugly.  now that dans bought me a new scanner (after blowing up the last one), i'm back on the mission to scan all the photos into an album for my family.  i've started with a new page - with some of the good ones that i think they will enjoy the most.  pea's family album

i really liked it when they couldnt walk and talk, things were peaceful back then weddings are not just free beer

  extending the family ...

  i think i'm very lucky to have a wondeful man to come home to at night.  i know that sounds a bit pukey and sickly sweet - and i dont give a shit.  my man looked after me when i first moved to auckland and although neither of us knew the others intentions, all intentions were on getting each other.  so a dance and a snog, and my suck flatmates pushed us together.  in oct 2002 we'd been together 2 years! yaaaaay!
  we have a kitten - jaxx.  he's nearly 2 now.  mental is the only word to describe him, but then dan likes to pride himself on raising jaxx, so go figure.  

dan dan the monkey man stalker!

  vehicles have feelings too  ...

  i like a nice ride, luckily dan does too - although sometimes his ideas sound better than they actually turn out.  or is it that he starts something and never finishes it.  this is my campaign to buy a new car.  if you want, i'll beg.  just click the pay pal link on any of these pages and your donation will aid me in getting rid of the giggle (granny) mobile and into a safer, stylier ride.  cheers. 


when people are free to do as they choose they often imitate each other -- eric hoffer

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